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13th July 2024 

In counselling and psychotherapy I aim to promote autonomy, thoughtfulness, independence and freedom in ways in which one thinks and behaves, in a confidential, safe and reflective environment. This may also allow us to reflect upon our old ways of relating to others and ourselves, which has caused harm. From a different vantage point. sometimes we are immersed in our ways of being that we do not realise that its actually harmful to us.

Many of life's problems stem from experiences from the past and in counselling and psychotherapy one is given the space to explore past and present experiences, to see if there is an emerging or repeated pattern. This allows an opportunity for one to cope better with their present everyday life.

This will enable you to increase your self awareness and well-being, so that you are able to manage life's stresses more easily.

In Psychotherapy, both the client and therapist work to understand the client's life and to work to resolve any deep rooted emotional disturbance that plays out in the present.

The ultimate aim is to be flexible in one's thinking to allow change to develop. Another way of looking at Psychotherapy, is that it gives you a different view on past events, as you look back on your life through another lens.

We are able to do this by looking at past and present relationships, looking at what defines us and our identity and a sense of belonging. This may take various routes as we try to discover "Why do my relationships always end up the same way?" and the perennial existential question "What is the meaning of my life experiences" or "Is there any meaning to my life?"